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Hi, I’m Dermot Nolan and I have been a teacher of mathematics in the UK for over thirty years.

Dermot Nolan

Hi, I’m Dermot Nolan and I have been a teacher of mathematics in the UK for over thirty years. I have taught in many different schools in that time and held various roles including Head of Department and KS5 Leader in an International Academy which offered the International Baccalaureate as well as the traditional A Levels. My teaching experience includes the whole age and ability range in UK secondary schools (age 11 to 19).


Over the years I have seen many changes in curriculum, teaching approaches and strategies and I have worked with, and learned from, many talented colleagues and students In addition to delivering the normal school curriculum, I also spent a few years as a Kumon instructor (Kumon is a Japanese programme for developing core skills).


I have a proud record of success in supporting young people in achieving their best while simultaneously developing self-confidence, resilience and a positive work ethic.

Sinéad Nolan

Hello! I’m Sinéad Nolan – recent graduate in Mathematics. During my final year, I was appointed Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader and was heavily involved in this global scheme focused on facilitated learning. Responsible for two classes of first and second year maths undergraduates, my role involved planning and implementing engaging and collaborative activities, designed to complement lectures and support their learning in a challenging unit.


Additionally, I took on responsibilities as a STaR Mentor; supporting new students through the transition to university and helping them integrate smoothly on to their course, Course Representative; suggesting areas for improvement to the delivery and assessment of maths modules, and prior to this, Explore Learning Tutor; managing groups of children aged 5-16 through individualised learning plans for Maths and English.


Having recently been through the education system and a decade of continuous examinations, I can totally relate to the struggles and pressures of academic life, including the impact this can have on personal wellbeing. I hope to utilise my own experiences through helping others navigate their journey to success.

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