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We believe the instructional quality of our tutorial videos to be first rate and many past students have commented on how clearly topics are explained and that for the first time they now “get it”!

The Mathematics

This site will start with some free video tutorials on some core skills which often prove challenging to students. You can subscribe to receive any new free tutorials as they are released. We believe the instructional quality of these videos to be first rate and many past students have commented on how clearly topics are explained and that for the first time they now “get it”!


Meanwhile there will be opportunities to buy short courses which will include access to additional support material and an invitation to join a closed group of students with whom they will be able to discuss mathematics, offer mutual support and encouragement and join live discussions with experts.


The aim is for the site to grow in a responsive way. So if you want a course to be developed on a particular topic then put in a request and it will be added to the priority list.


In addition, regular webinars will be offered to anyone on the mailing list. Numbers will be limited so it will be on a first come first served basis. Webinar details and pricing will be sent out well in advance so you only need to opt into those you feel are relevant to you.

The Support

Over the last decade, austerity has hit education hard. Schools are expected not just to maintain standards but to raise them, despite growing class sizes, less support staff and services for those students who need more support, more challenging data targets and serious recruitment and retention issues, especially in subjects like mathematics.


Education’s response to this is an increase in internal testing and examinations so that student’s performance is constantly under the microscope. With all the cutbacks, this has put a strain on the system and more and more young people are feeling the stress and struggling to cope with the expectations placed on them.


Indeed, research by mental health charity Young Minds found that exams are a significant trigger for mental health problems in young people. Although there are other factors in society, like social media trends, the increased pressure that schools now place on young people is contributing to a teenage mental health crisis.

This is why we at MathSupportOnline want to support students in achieving their best in the subject while simultaneously developing coping strategies for dealing with stress, pressure, disappointment, confidence crises, etc. They need to know that all these things are part of the learning process and part of life and we will provide support for students who need to build up their resilience and self-belief.  Research has shown that the development of this ‘emotional intelligence’ in young people not only enhances academic achievement but is also key to future career success and happiness.

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